Searching for the Right Rental Property


When starting to seek rental options in your new city, first consider your living needs and wants. It is beneficial to share this information with other parties who are helping you find rental properties, even before your arrival. You will want to provide this information to your agent for further assistance in your search.

Your first consideration is location. Just as if you were purchasing a home, it is important to choose a neighborhood that is right for you and your family. The following factors enter into neighborhood selection. Classify each as ‘V: Very Important/Must Have.’ ‘W: Would Be Nice’ or ‘N: Not Important,’ and add specific qualifiers.


HOW IMPORTANT                                               SPECIFICALLY

__ Commute to Work                                         _________________

__ Schools                                                           _________________

__ Public transportation access                      _________________

__ Population density                                        _________________

__ Airport proximity                                           _________________

__ Age of neighbors                                           _________________

__ Children in area                                             _________________

__ Proximity to shopping centers                   _________________

__ Overall neighborhood appeal                     _________________

__ Proximity to entertainment                        _________________


Your next consideration involves all physical attributes required of a rental property and its amenities. Classify each as ‘V: Very Important/Must Have.’ ‘W: Would Be Nice’ or ‘N: Not Important,’ and add specific qualifiers.


HOW IMPORTANT                                               SPECIFICALLY

__ Age & condition of building                           ________________

__ View                                                                  _________________

__ Deck or Patio                                                  __________________

__ Neutral interior décor                                    __________________

__ Number of bedrooms                                    __________________

__ Number of bathrooms                                   __________________

__ Sound control                                                 __________________

__ Ample closet space                                       __________________

__ Nearby storage spaces                                 __________________

__ Covered parking/garage                               __________________

__ Guest parking                                                  __________________

__ Air conditioning                                              __________________

__ On-site management services                   __________________

__ Pets allowed                                                   __________________

__ Security system                                             __________________

__ In-unit laundry                                                __________________

__ Dishwasher                                                    __________________

__ Swimming pool                                              __________________

__ Exercise facility                                               __________________

__ Recreation/party room                                   __________________


Following are some of the things most often overlooked by prospective renters. Keep these in mind and ask questions during your search.

· Is heat and/or air conditioning included in the rent?

· If you are paying for heat, is it gas or electric, and what is the average monthly bill?

· If looking at single family homes, who is responsible for maintenance and yard control?

· If looking at a smaller apartment complex, what is the on-call maintenance policy?

· Is sound control adequate at varying times of the day?

· What is the manager/owner’s right to enter, and what kind of notice will they provide?


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