Renting in Your New Location


  • You have decided that renting is a viable living option in your new location. Because finding a place to rent may not seem like a ‘long term’ decision, transferees often end up selecting their new residence very quickly and without a lot of forethought.


  • You will find that rental markets vary significantly from city to city. What you may have come to expect as ‘standard’ in one part of the country may not be available in other parts. The keys to renting smart in a new location are to make no assumptions and to ask many questions.


  • We are here to assist you in making an informed rental decision. Even if this living arrangement is for a relatively short period of time, taking into account important considerations can reduce costs and headaches down the road.


  • The enclosed information will increase your understanding of all the variables among rental markets and properties, and draw attention to critical details which must be considered when making a rental decision. The information will help you define your living needs, find resources to help you locate rental options, compare properties and clarify lease arrangements. If you are not sure whether to rent or buy, the enclosed worksheet can assist you with preliminary calculations and comparisons for making that decision.


  • Of course, your broker is available to help you evaluate all of these considerations, and to be a resource during your search for a rental home.


Please email if you have any questions or feel free to call (866) 941-3936