Relocation Services


We are committed to customizing our services to fit your needs. Whether you are an individual relocating to a new area or a company who needs help relocating employees, we offer a variety of personalized relocation services:

  • Home buying and selling
  • Area tours
  • Candidate assistance
  • Rental assistance
  • Property management
  • International services
  • Relocation management support
  • Corporate group moves
  • Concierge services


Individual Moves
We understand that there are many decisions to be made when relocating to a new area. New job responsibilities, family commitments, and moving can be somewhat daunting, but we are experts on the ins and outs of relocating and can provide support and guidance to you each step of the way.


Relocation Support
If you are looking for relocation support for your valuable talent, we are here to assist locally, nationally, and internationally. We are experts at assisting job candidates, new hires, transferees, and executives with their relocation needs.


To be directed to a Windermere Relocation office near you, please call 1-866-941-3936.